Hi, my name is Ryan. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2011 I started a journey into the world of sustainable agriculture that has taken me to the fields of Mohala Farms in Hawai’i, a tech startup called Real Time Farms, a year-long apprenticeship at the UC Santa Cruz, and a surf/yoga retreat center in Nicaragua.

Now I am back in California starting a chile pepper farm with my friend Levon in Hollister, CA. We named it Fire Tongue Farm for obvious reasons. I am obsessed with smoked peppers and hopefully our customers will be, too!

I write and take pictures because I want to share my experience with you. I believe in science but I know magic exists, and it is my hope to show you what I have seen of both in the world. So expect to find an mashup of art, botany, ecology, poetry, biology, culture, soil science, and the occasional rant or mumbling in my posts. Thanks for reading.


Resistance is Fertile!

Ryan Silsbee

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