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Fire Tongue Farm

Fire Tongue Farm is born. Organic chile peppers for all!

I am so excited to tell you about my new farm: Fire Tongue Farm! We are growing organic hot peppers and specialize in smoked peppers. Please check out our website and tell me what you think. I am so excited about this project. We are working so hard to get things up and running. Thanks for your support!

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High Tech Jam

When you shake hands with Wayne Porter you get the strange feeling that he has been up to more than just making homemade jams his whole life. The same weathered hands that once built a construction business from the ground up are now dedicated to crafting the unique flavors of Homemade Jams of Hawaii and shaking hands with happy customers every Sunday at the Haleiwa Farmers’ Market. Most people outside Hawaii would never dream of making Pineapple Banana Jam or Lilikoi Butter at home, but that is just how Wayne got started six years ago with extra fruit from his backyard orchard in Pupukea on Oahu’s North Shore. You can tell from his constant smile that he is happy to have left the construction business for a jam venture.

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Patricia Bragg comes to Hawaii!

Patricia Bragg and her famous Apple Cider Vinegar.

In my kitchen there are a few ingredients that make their way into every meal. Ever since I can remember Bragg’s Liquid Aminos was right up there on my priority spice shelf with the salt, pepper, and sriracha. So you can understand my excitement when I had the chance to meet Patricia Bragg at the Haleiwa Cacao Festival last Sunday. I know what you are thinking. How could I get sidetracked talking with the owner of company that is famous for its soy sauce alternatives and healthy apple cider vinegar when there was so much chocolate all around me? The answer is simply that Patricia Bragg and her father Paul Bragg have been making what they call live natural foods for 100 years and I wanted to learn more about their products and the story behind their long tenure as leaders in the healthy food industry.

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