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Farming the Youth in Hawaii

Hilda from MA'O Organic Farms is one of the four-year program participants. She recently graduated from MA'O's two-year program and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hawaii while working at MA'O as a manager.

The drive to MA’O Organic Farms in Waianae on the West Side of Oahu winds along a coastline dotted with extravagant vacation resorts, industrial power plants, run down strip malls, and military artillery test zones. The main highway is lined with boarded up local businesses and restaurants rotting in the shadows of colorful, bright signs beckoning customers to fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC.

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Hawaii’s 1st Cheese Fundraiser

Sabrina about to roll 50 lbs. of fresh Hawaiian butter.

Sisters Monique and Sabrina of Naked Cow Dairy have a lot to smile about these days. After two months of fundraising with the hope of raising enough money to buy a heater for their cheese vats and build an aging room for their future cheese production, they are just 3 hours away from success.

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Only 5 Days Left!!!

There are only five days left for Naked Cow Dairy, the ONLY dairy farm on the island of Oahu, to reach their goal of $15,000 to buy equipment to make cheese. They have raised $12,000 but need your help to each their goal.

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Hawaiian Fish Pond 2.0

Dr. Wenhao H. Sun of Olakai Farms stands in front of one of his two ponds on Oahu. He grows sea asparagus, ogo seaweed, and various fish species in his aquaponic ponds.

 The future of agriculture looks different to everyone. Nostalgic homesteaders see a romantic patchwork of small rural farms supplying local towns with farm fresh eggs and produce. Urban futurists see cityscapes lined with rooftop gardens and public spaces filled with edible landscapes. Biotech scientists and researchers envision genetically engineered crops revolutionizing food production and nutrition. Dr. Wenhao H. Sun of Marine Agrifuture and Olakai Hawaii Farms has an unconventional vision for the future of agriculture. Wenhao wants to grow all his crops in saltwater and someday in the ocean. He has already started this alternate future in two repurposed shrimp ponds on the northeast shore of Oahu near Kahuku.

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Long Term Local

Ted laughs as he shows off his wing bean crop. He is one of the only farmers on Oahu with this rare variety.

From the top of the hill behind Kawai Loa Farm, Ted Nakamura often looks down to check the surf rolling into Chun’s and Lani’s. He is hesitant to remove his gaze from the farm and the ocean beneath because behind him spreads a sea of Monsanto seed corn. Ted smiles as he recounts the decade he has spent on this land supplying Oahu’s grocery stores with USDA organic certified asparagus, beans, eggplant, and okra. A walk down the local organic produce isle at the Kahala Whole Foods in Honolulu features Ted’s goods alongside plenty of other food grown locally on the Hawaiian Islands.

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