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Meet Elizabeth Murray 2012 Florida Food Warrior for Real Time Farms!

Elizabeth on the lookout for Tampa, Florida's food system's inner workings.

Elizabeth spent her whole life in Virginia where she was born, but her passion for food and her curiosity in the way food creates social interactions has sent her all the way to Tampa, Florida. She is currently a master’s student at the University of South Florida specializing in Applied Anthropology.

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Haleiwa Farmers’ Market 2012 Food Warrior Visit

Kathy ready to sell Mohala Farm's organic kale, collards, arugula, yukina savoy, mizuna, and fresh herbs

Kathy and I were late and forced to weave our oversized F-150 into a tight booth spot. The other sixty vendors at the Sunday Haleiwa Farmers’ Market were already set-up up and waiting for the crowds of locals and tourists to show up for the nine o’clock market opening. We hurried our tent canopy out of the truck bed and battled the strong hawaiian trade winds to erect the Mohala Farm stand in its usual spot at the market across from the lunch seating area and the concert stage. We quickly spread out bright green tablecloths and started laying out straw baskets full of ice to keep our produce fresh in the tropical heat. Finally we stocked bunches of lacinato and red russian kale, collard greens, and bags of arugula, mizuna, yukina savoy, and herbs like oregano, lemon thyme, mint, parsley, and cilantro. Our first bunch of lacinato or dino kale was sold before we could set everything up!

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Meet Natalie Machado 2012 Food Warrior for Real Time Farms!

An eager Food Warrior ready to dive into Atlanta's food system.

Natalie Machado laughs when she thinks about the fact that she has lived in thirteen places since she was born in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Moving around has been part of her life since a young age and talking with her it is easy to sense her energy and excitement in finding new experiences and opportunities. She has been interested in food since her mother taught her how to bake old fashioned chocolate chip cookies in sixth grade. Since then her passion has been focused in part by her studies at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania where she recently completed degrees in Environmental Science and Studio Art. She now plans to direct her time and energy into writing for Real Time Farms.

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